Compare the Subaru Outback vs Nissan Murano near St. Louis

Compare the Subaru Outback to the Nissan Murano

You want the most from a new vehicle. Whether it's style, technology, comfort, safety or versatility that's your priority, Dean Team Subaru wants to see you get into a model that has all of the capabilities and features that are important for your lifestyle. By comparing the new 2018 Outback to the Murano, we're comparing some important features to help in forming your decision between vehicles. By putting these two vehicles head-to-head, we've presented some interesting facts for you to consider before making the vehicle purchasing decision that will meet the greatest number of your needs.

Subaru Outback Compared to the Nissan Murano

Even if you are looking at the Outback and the Murano, the Outback comes out on top in many of the most important categories.

To many people, price is the most important aspect of the vehicle that they are interested in, which is fair considering vehicles carry a hefty price tag and monthly payments can pile up. If this is the case for you, the Outback offers a lower cost than the Murano. As mentioned already, the Outback comes standard with Symmetrical AWD, but - as with the other models - the Murano makes you pay to add its optional AWD system.

To further ease a financial burden, the Outback gets better fuel efficiency, reducing the cost of your trip by saving you money on gas. This might seem like only a small amount of money, but over the lifespan of your vehicle it will mean a lot.

The cargo space of the Outback surpasses that of the Murano, allowing you to include more gear for all of your passengers. Even if you have all of your seats folded down, the cargo space in the Outback offers a decent amount more, allowing you to pack some oversized gear when you need to.

Where Can You Get Behind the Wheel of the Subaru Outback in the St. Louis Area?

Once you've had a chance to learn a bit more about the 2018 Subaru Outback we think you may find that it's the right choice to meet your new vechiole wants and needs. We encourage you to schedule a Test Drive to experience the handling, the interior and the technology that's available in the Outback. Our team is happy to help you find the right Outback model with all of the features that you are interested in for a great price. And, we're confident that the 2018 Outback could be the model that you can be comfortable and confident in.

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