Prevent Costly Maintenance and Repairs on Your Subaru by Replacing Your Timing Belt at the Right Time

The easiest way to prevent costly repairs and unnecessary damage to your vehicle is to replace your timing belt at the right interval. Typically, the recommended interval for timing belt replacement is at 105,000-miles, but to be sure, you need to reference your owners-manual.

Why is the Timing Belt so important? The timing belt is an integral part of any vehicles engine. It synchronizes your engine functions, so that everything works in harmony, just like it should.

When Should You Change it?

Depending on a few factors, your vehicle will need it's timing belt changed at certain intervals. Like we mentioned before, the only way to really know the best time to change your timing belt is to consult your owners-manual. Depending on your vehicles mileage, model year, engine type, and more, your timing belt will need to be changed. We can help you figure out exactly when to change your timing belt, so if you're not sure, just ask! If you have a Subaru Outback that's a couple years old, and you want to be sure you're up on all your routine maintenance, we can help you schedule your service appointment!

Give us a call today at the service center at Dean Team Subaru to find out when you should change your Subaru's timing belt in Missouri!

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